Helpdesk Customer Support Software


In today’s fast developing business environment, what would have been a key simple task of maintaining high-quality customer relations have become too complex and inefficient. With some companies, the IT support center consists only of three or two staffs charged with the responsibility of answering phone calls and providing solutions to incoming problems from customers. Imagine the number of incoming calls per minute in a queue, waiting to be answered by three persons. As you would guess right, each call might take up to 15minutes depending on the customer inquiry and how complicated the problem is. Often times, the expectations of these customers will exceed what the staffs can handle and it will be another unsatisfied customer hanging the call after another.

What if some customers decide to send their inquiry to support through email or perhaps try to call but are put on hold for several minutes. When this relationship between businesses and customers is disrupted, it doesn’t only become a waste of time for both parties, the customer will be left frustrated and the image of the business will suffer a critical blow.

So, what is the solution?

Help Desk Support Software

Whether you are running a small business enterprise or a large corporate organization, your business can’t survive and blossom without quality Helpdesk support to your customers. However, you may wonder. What is this help desk software everyone is talking about?

Help desk software is part of a large concept called service desk, which includes IT service management and asset management. It’s a multi-tiered troubleshooting approach that handles customer queries.

How? For starters, a help desk is a powerful tool that enables both small scale and large scale businesses to effectively resolve tech issues, manage existing relationships with old customers, and promote fidelity among new customers while enabling the IT department to function efficiently. With a help desk support software, your customer support specialists wouldn’t have to manually dig through disorganized emails and track vital status to get to the root of a problem.

This customer management software equips you with a centralized platform where all customer email inquiries, issues, and live chat are received through a support ticket system. Then, the software will log and automatically assign the various issues to the appropriate help desk technician. Thus, making the process more flexible and convenient for all parties involved.

Furthermore, a help desk support software does not only promote a streamlined communication process between customers and businesses. Also, it stores a comprehensive data of all submitted tickets. Thus, making it easier for the management to track annual progress.

As you can see, there are enormous ways through which help desk can make your business soar higher and glide towards success while achieving standard customer relationship management (CRM) without efforts. Below are some advantages of implementing help desk software to your business.

Advantages of Help Desk Support System to Your Business

  • A centralized platform for all IT request

One of the advantages of having a help desk software integrated into your business is that it offers a single web-based channel which can be assessed anywhere in the world from any computer with an internet connection. This online portal provides a streamlined means of communication in such a way that users can create support tickets to fill in their inquiries or issues, track the status of their tickets, and close the ticket ones it’s resolved by the appropriate tech support.

  • Customized self-help service

Most Help desk software program allow their end-users to compile a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions so as to better serve their customers speedily. By using help desk software in your organization, you can easily automate the process in other for customers to be able to serve themselves without speaking to an agent or customer representative. Although, there will be occasions where the FAQ’s will not be enough to troubleshoot an issue. In such cases, this program allows more advanced technical support to be offered by assigning the customer’s inquiry or complain to the appropriate expert.

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Implementing a help desk support software into the daily running of your business doesn’t only help you achieve an increased customer satisfaction or solidify their desire to continue business with you. It also, tell your customers how updated you are with recent business technology trends and developments. Because, without a managerial program like help desk software, your staffs can easily be overwhelmed with enormous emails and call volume. And that can lead to poor customer service.

  • Enables you to know your customers more

Aside from easily collecting customer inquiries and providing quality solutions to customer inquiries, a help desk support software will enable you to see, collect ticket records, and analyze different patterns and shifts that will allow you know your customers better. With the enormous data collected from customer’s inquiry, the business management team can have first-hand insights on the thoughts and expectation concerning what customers truly need from your product as they work earnestly towards satisfying those needs.

  • Ability to prioritize the most pressing issue

With the hundreds of calls and email being sent to support for immediate response per day, it has become very important to filter each support tickets to determine which issue is more of an emergency than the others. However, with a help desk software, technicians can easily sort out tickets with high severity and provide immediate solutions.

Is a help desk software right for my size of business?

Yes, a help desk system software is just what you need to grow and expand your business. As you have read so far, you will agree with me that a help desk software integrated into your business will allow for streamlined and simplified interactions between you and your customers.

However, the major reason why some businesses and corporate firms fail to integrate help desk software into their businesses is due to the exorbitant cost of acquiring the software. With some programs costing up to thousands of dollars, it has become too difficult for developing firms to compete using the latest technology.

Luckily, with the help of an affordable help desk software such as Zaidesk, the gap has been bridged; thereby creating an equal opportunity for all sizes of firms and businesses to make use of the latest customer relationship management (CRM) program such as help desk support system to provide customized solutions to customer’s inquiries.

If your company or business haven’t started using a help desk support software, kindly contact us immediately so we can get you set up.